When a geographical related question arises, it may be helpful to contact a geo-oriented mind for more insights in this matter.
Spatial information, Geographical Information Systems and Databases are our DNA.
With our competencies, we are able to  lead companies in better decision making when it comes to localized data.
This may concern any questions related to: clients, points of sale (POS), customer catchment area, understanding the market, local media, transportation and many more...



In order to understand your market, we use many advanced GIS* and statistical techniques.
Either we use your proper database or we rely on external data sources to create a brand new database:
Official sources (NIS),
CIM Studies on Out of Home (traffic studies)
Consumer insights
Market studies
Media consumption

*GIS: Geographical Information Systems


Sell Growth

We can help you grow your business by offering our expertise on
Network optimization, localized media strategy, prospection, turnover calculation and more.
Have a look at our Solutions.


Any size

From a national company to a POS entrepreneur, from a single mapping to automated online applications, , we offer solutions that fits all kind of problematics.
Our rate card integrates small (or big) business which can have great questions that may be answered at low cost.
Feel free to contact us for further questions.